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Danubiando was the event that created the concept of organizing a festival with entertainment and tango tourism as the main driving force. First we showed you around Budapest, giving you special locations to dance at. However, the distance of these from one another caused a small snag in logistics for dancers, masters and organizers, and also the most beautiful locations in the city were not built with tango dancers in mind. This year, we'll leave the Budapest sightseeing to the opening event - the single day Budapest Tango Marathon - and to you, but at the same time we will create a virtual dream world every day, changing the colors, walls, even the furniture, adding a special atmosphere to each milonga. You don't need to bring special dresses to the events (except a white one and an elegant one), we will dress the room for you.
Danubiando 2012: The Virtual Worlds
Attenzione! It is to our great pleasure to announce, that the greatest of painters, the most enlightened of philosophers, architect of unmatched talent, the ever-curious mind, Leonardo da Vinci is throwing the party of the century in his recently built palace. Fear not, the view is magnificent, the wine is exquisite, and the people are the highest of nobility! The great host will introduce his latest invention, the “scatola musicale”, that is an orchestra playing from a black box, operated by a single man, a so-called “DJ” by the name Guiliano d'Ingramo. Wear the garment you most enjoy!
In the early morning, another celebration will start until the sun rises where the French lady, Marie-Antonine Woutaz will operate this peculiar piece of gadget.
Opening Sunday: Milonga de la Renaissance
Fellow Nightspeople!

It has come to my knowledge, that the daywalkers had come up with a peaceful solution to our... disagreement, so to speak. It is high time we set aside our differences, and hear them out in the name of a prosperous cooperation in the future. Assemble in my castle, after sunset, and let’s celebrate this occasion with a spectacular ball. It is not necessary to scare the humans, so please try to look like one of them.

Eternal love, Vlad
Monday: Victorian Milonga
Let me tell you then, you will not regret the time you spend aboard my vessel. You are going to voyage through a land of wonders. Stunned amazement will probably be your habitual state of mind. It will be a long before you tire of the sights constantly before your eyes. I’m going to make another underwater tour of the world - perhaps my last, who knows? - and I’ll review everything I’ve studied in the depths of these seas that I’ve crossed so often, and you will be a fellow student. I am nothing to you but Captain Nemo; and you and your companions are nothing to me but the passengers of the Nautilus.
Tuesday: Nautilus Milonga
As-Salāmu `Alaykum, travellers!
I am the Jinni of the lamp, and I have a mission to fulfill. As you all know, Aladdin and Jasmin are getting married, but first they have to undergo a series of tasks set by the Sultan. The first one is already completed, the castle is built, and the Sultan was awed. The second one is also complete, the treasury is full with exclusive jewels, gold, gems and everything a wealthy man could ever desire. The third and final one is tricky though: the castle I built during the night needs to be populated, as the Sultan ordered, "with a throng of dancers" to show him how attractive Aladdin's personality is to the people. I already invited musicians, and took care of all entertainment, you simply come and have fun, thus pleasing the Sultan.
Wednesday: Milonga for the Princes and Princesses of Persia
The walls of the palace were of driving snow, and the windows of cutting winds. There were more than a hundred halls there, all lighted up by the powerful Aurora Borealis. The polar bears went on their hindlegs and showed off their steps. The northern-lights shone with such precision that one could tell exactly when they were at their highest or lowest degree of brightness. In the middle was a frozen lake, where sat the Snow Queen when she was at home. No matter how deeply solitary she was, she fancied watching children play and listen to their giggling chatter. Deep within her frozen soul lay something that gained comfort whenever she invited these little fellas and bonny lasses over. In fact, she got carried away, unnoticeably, and thought of her younger self, ages, eons ago, and her frozen solid heart started melting. Tonight the children are given another chance to awaken the good in her, that had been sleeping for too long.
Thursday: The Snow Queen Milonga
Fellow Fairies, Elves and other Sprites!
Puck overheard the planning of Theseus’ and Hyppolita’s anniversary party. It will be in Our forest, and I wish to show them that the enchanted forest is not called “enchanted” for nothing. So, for old time’s sake, we’ve prepared some fun and mischief, but I’d like you to come and help deliver them. Just like last time, disguise yourselves as humans, and meet us at the glade in the middle of the forest.
Keep tricky, Oberon and Titania
PS: I seem to have misplaced the donkey’s head, so if any of you come across it, please return it to me, might come in handy while toying with the happy fool couple.
Friday: Late August Night’s Dream
We, Henry VIII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, Fidei Defensor, hereby command, that on the first of September, a great ball is to be held celebrating the great victory of our father at Bosworth Field, and the end of the Wars of the Roses. We command jesters, musicians, actors and dancers to be delivered to our regal residence at Hampton Court, for the enjoyment of the lords, nobility and the folks invited, and of Ours. We command garment of appropriate appearance to be worn.
Saturday: Milonga of the Roses
Ladies, Gentleman, @&ut#nb|v-s!

The very first Intergalactic Milonga Summit is about to begin! Galactic hitch-hikers, swoop racers, relay station operators, space highway engineers all welcome! We’ll stay in low orbit, with nice view of the mostly harmless planet of Earth. We have a vast parking lot for jetpacks, pods and smaller vessels, and the closest star destroyer docks is just a parsec away! Our sommelier and mixer droids are updated with the latest OS, and they serve the best pan-galactic gargle blasters and jawa juices in this solar system.
Closing Sunday: Intergalactic Milonga Summit
This year we place more emphasis on aftermilongas and tango cafés: seasoned DJs, decent gourmet food, a dancefloor built for this specific occasion. While you can see the DJ list in tables under the 'What?' menu item, for the food you may have to wait until you are there (it will be posted at the festival locations). We will have vegetarian, Hungarian and (lighter) international delicacies every day, for only a couple of euros. The recent trend at the festivals is the 'marathonisation' of these after and before events, so we tried to fit the requirements and give you an almost-marathon where you can dance from 15.00 in the afternoon until 8.00 in the morning every day if you want to. Entrance fees are low, the food is also cheap, while chances are you will get your best dances at these...
Milongas after and before milongas: like a marathon
There had been tango festivals in Hungary before Danubiando. Those were gatherings of local tango lovers. This small but constantly growing community started to become more and more interested in socializing at an international level. Danubiando merely brings the atmosphere of a BsAs milonga to Budapest, giving it a bit of a festival feel: 8 days in the beautiful city of Budapest, dancing in famous venues and meeting people from around the globe. Let there be fun!
Here's how everything started
The Platonean idea of a tango festival is an event very similar to Christmas: people look forward to it every year and wish to enjoy every second of it. – Unlike Christmas, it is a lot easier to enjoy every second of it. Here, in Budapest, this festival is a week of fun, tango, sun, breeze, Danube and the beautiful sights just the right way.
Hungarian philosophy
No festival or business can be done without difficulties. Even Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple once. 2010 was a year when we had to experience how well-arranged features can go sour, most annyoing of all, the weather. It was such a cold summer week nothing hadn't been recorded even near it in a century but it did make dancers' embraces warmer. So the 'Lite' version of Danubiando was even more successful than the 'heavyweight' the year before.
The takeover in 2010
It was a very hot festival last year... Danubiando is always taking place in the last weeks of August, from Sunday to Sunday. Theoretically this should be the part of the year when it's still very sunny but you may also feel some tickling cool breezes touching your face. However, last year we had the hottest week in the whole summer! Even more, the hottest week in a decade! We're hoping for something ideal this year...
from Budapest to Tatooine
It is merely obvious that all tangueros go to a festival to dance, meet and learn new tricks. However, one might also be interested in the location itself where the festival takes place. Budapest really is charming and even though we live here, we stop sometimes to marvel at its wonders. You too might feel like exploring while you're here and if you do the 'where and how?' and the 'things to see' menu items are just for you! Famous sights, nice restaurants, accommodation, our sentimental favourites of all of the above and some useful tips to make your stay most pleasant and eventful.
While you're here
Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Mariano Frúmboli and Juana Sepulveda, Pablo Verón, Damian Rosenthal and Celine Ruiz, Serkan Gokcesu and Cecilia Garcia have been to Danubiando this far. Teachers from different countries with very different styles, so you can choose your favourites or the ones most similar to you.
Front page
Orchestras are quite a sensitive part of all milongas and festivals. To find the best, that is. It is a long trip to find the ideal orchestra. Soledad, Otros Aires, Orquesta Típica Budapest, Orquesta Mariano Bujacich, Beltango, Porque Tango, Tango Cortina, Escualo Quartet, Tango Harmony, Divertango, Tango Esperimento have already been here, at least once, but some of them come annually. The perfect orchestra is very much like the perfect cherry blossom: you may never find it but you'll find bloody good ones while you're looking for it.
The cantina band
When the first Danubiando was organized those tango masters came who can win the hearts of people (thus breaking the former, moldy old local trends of inviting teachers who had won championships). Their impeccable style has become a must and their magnetic personality became desired. While Sebastian (really just for the sake of the example) is quite different from Ismael, they both have something intangibly irresistible in them. You can be sure, that even if two masters happened to give the same title to their class, you would enter two totally different classes.
Intangibly irresistible
It's hard to choose a DJ. There's no stereotype like the one by Horowitz: 'There are three kinds of pianists: Jew, gay, bad.' applying to DJs. So either you know DJs in person and have been to one of their milongas or you know them by reputation but there's no third way around it. There are quite many DJs in this region, whose talent and style look very promising and their devotion stands out. They are going to be here to play at one of our events. There are others who are already famous for their spins in international waters: festival DJs, residents of famous milongas, etc. You'll find more familiar faces and names than you think.
Who have Dj-ed here before?
This festival is really family-like and though there are many new faces every year, they all agree in keeping it this way. Many friends volunteer to help, some even coming home from abroad. Some of them milongueros, others were friends first and introduced to the world of tango later. Some others were so happy and satisfied, they offered their help in spreading the news. You should also bring your friends - we sure as hell bring ours...
It's a big, big family
It is the safest thing to say that no-one knows, what kind of weather there will be during Danubiando this year. So it has a good chance either to become the coolest or the hottest festival, at least in Danubiando history (both figuratively and literally speaking). Last year there were more than 40 nations represented at Danubiando. There aren't so many countries on the same latitude, so it is virtually impossible to give everyone their desired climate. There is no authority that could be bribed or blackmailed to change the weather but everything else can be managed or arranged and you can have as much fun as you want, no matter if it's raining or snowing or shining.
The coolest and the hottest
This is the first year to give you seminars. What is that? Well, a longer sequence of classes, of course! You'll have much longer time to understand and learn and the masters will have much more time to explain! These seminars are a lot more exhaustive and some other adjectives starting with "ex-". There are also going to be guided practicas. A teacher's gonna be there to answer questions, if you have some. You'll know them when you see them, either Dimitris and Mariana or Haris and Malika will keep an eye out and help you practise.
Milongas will feature live orchestras from the second half of the week. Tango Cafés and Aftermilongas were launched last year and due to its success, this year you'll again have the opportunity to pop in to these events. The Tango Marathon is going to be the opening event of the festival, so you can jump in the middle of the crowd right after getting off the plane. Fun also remains the same, which is most important and of course the guarantee for good company.
We have company!
Need a place to chill and relax? We certainly thought of that. Check out our 'things to see' menu for the heads up. You'll find, that Budapest, despite its size, offers endless solutions for cultural activities, sightseeing, socializing or party. Practically there's a museum, church, pub, bar, club or other venue at every corner downtown. On the other hand, Budapest is the Empire of Thermal Bath. The late medieval Turkish had plenty of time to exploit the benefits of the many thermal springs and they erected a dozen Turkish baths. We usually do a half-organized trip to one of these but feel free to explore the city for yourself!
This isn't Sparta, although there are going to be only two couples for all of you. There will be practicas every day during the entire week (on Monday and Saturday it will not be guided). Everyone likes to practise their moves and we thought having someone there, whom you can ask about whatever you’re stuck with at the moment, can't hurt. So the Greek Team (you know: Dimitris-Mariana, Haris-Malika), recommended by Sebastian and Mariana, will keep an eye on you – see the tables on the top of the menu page for details.
A practica watched by the Greeks
First, the tango masters this year: most of you are familiar with Sebastian and Mariana, who are regular teachers and performers at Danubiando. Ismael and Maria, Horacio and Magdalena are also going to come and share some of their latest discoveries. But! There are two couples, whom you haven't yet been able to see in Budapest: Gastón and Moira, Noelia and Carlitos just checked in to Danubiando.
The Magnificent Ten
Three orchestras have confirmed their participation at Danubiando so far. You probably already know Orquesta Típica Budapest, since they always play at Danubiando and they are touring the region a lot too. The other two are Beltango and Pasional Orquesta, (the successor of the dissolved Soledad) that will play several times during the week (that's new part). Many of you told us that dancing to the same orchestra (no matter how good) for more than an hour is tiresome, so the concerts will last 60 minutes maximum.
Mos Eisley musicians? Nooo. Too swingy.
There are going to be more DJs! Almost twenty of them! Marcelo, Raúl, Giggio, Marie-Antonine, Hagen are going to entertain you for the first time at Danubiando but we have another dozen DJs, whom you already know in person or by reputation or you recognize them from previous festivals and milongas. The full list: Marcelo Rojas, Raúl Navalpotro, Hagen Schröter, Bernhard Gehberger, Horacio Godoy, Sebastian Arce, Julian Ingram, Antónia Nagykáldi, Konrad Krynski, Dimitris Biskas, Marie-Antonine Woutaz, François Chaix, Pál Heltai, Tomomi Ogawa, Gábor Novák, Katalin Czidor, Adrienn Csengeri. Check out the 'Who?' menu item for their bio!
DJs from around the globe
The special guests are really special people or more like extraordinary, extravagant, extra talented and extra crazy. Last year there were Dimitris and Mariana and they brought their overwhelming Greek party nature of theirs. This year Haris and Malika are joining them and since this is no Troy, they'll leave the horse but bring everything else. Kati and Tiha are Hungarians but they live in Sweden - they needed a cool place (literally) for their hot style - now they're going to show their magic at Danubiando!
The chef's special
Let's see some figures. Everyone likes figures because they think figures tell them more than any description. Fact is, they can only spare some time compared to a description but there's also a chance that after reading the figures one gets none the wiser. So after having sorted out some meaningless numbers, here are some that are less meaningless: 20 hours of tango music per day. Almost all (oh, numbers, right... 90%) classes gender balanced. 37 hours of workshops. 32 hours of seminars. 8 performances. 186 hours of fun (if you start counting at the beginning of the Tango Marathon until the end of the last aftermilonga that's 216 hours. Even more if you start counting when your plane lands its rear gears and stop counting when your plane lifts its front ones)...
Tango Crunching